Tips to Renovating Your Small Home

For a while, the trend was the bigger the better the house. In today’s society, it’s more popular to live in small spaces. Whether in the U.S. or abroad, residing in small spaces seems to be a permanent fixture in today’s culture. With this new way of living, designers and homeowners have developed many ways to make these homes livable, functional and as comfortable as desired.

How can a small space be livable?

Keeping it clean. One of the hardest things to do in a tiny house it to keep it clean. Storage helps with keeping the clutter put away where it belongs. But another struggle is keeping the floors and counter-space tidy. Happy Floors creates porcelain tile that look like exotic hardwood. If you are looking for a more artistic and unique look for your flooring Manet Tiles has beautiful mosaic tiles that will help you make your home a one of a kind show piece.

Hide your bed. Think outside of the box when it comes to furniture. If your space does not have a bedroom apart from your living space, there are various ways to make room for everything. A bed can be compartmentalized with storage, making it a storage closet and a bed frame. Another popular option would be a murphy bed that can be moved out of the way during the day and brought down at night.

Customize furniture. Building decks can be good for a single room space living. The top portion can be used for sleeping quarters, away from the visible eye of visitors. Below the deck can house a work space, entertainment unit where you can enjoy television while hosting guests, dining space for a dinner party, or used for storage space.

Simple design. With everything in design, clutter will make any room seem smaller. Keep this in mind when designing customized furniture. The simpler the design, the more space you bring into any area.

Use glass partitions. It’s no mystery that walls make rooms smaller. Consider using glass partitions when it comes to separating living spaces. It will keep the area open, allowing more light to touch everywhere in your living space.

Decorate with mirrors. Because mirrors promote reflections, it makes any room feel a lot bigger than it actually is. If it feels like the walls are closing in, open them up with a large mirror. It will also add a modern feel to the design of your home.

Stand alone accent wall. If the space allows for it, bring in a stand alone accent wall. A great option for a small room would be a wall with a decorative pattern that can be seen through. It provides character to the space at the same time providing distinction between areas. For more distinction, a brick wall can be considered, or a wood wall that can be moved whenever the living areas shift.

Consider boat building options. Because boats are often small and can’t house much storage or living space, there are many designs that build storage from the ground up. This can be an option for your small space to minimize clutter without sacrificing storage space.