Hansgrohe Rebris Faucets

Hansgrohe Rebris faucets

Hansgrohe, a German brand that offers the best in showering and bathing products, has been in business since 1901. Hansgrohe offers a wide range of products that are designed to make your showers and baths more enjoyable. Their selection of faucets includes kitchen faucets as well as bathroom sink faucets in many styles such as traditional or modern designs to accommodate any style of home décor imaginable while also using less water than most standard faucets on the market today due to their aerator technology which allows users to get more flow out of each.

The Hansgrohe Rebris faucet series with its timeless design is the perfect solution for your bathroom. The Rebris Collection stands for timeless design and minimalistic elegance. Available with gently curving or clean lines, the series offers a wide range for the entire bathroom and supports a sustainable lifestyle, thanks to innovative technologies. The Rebris Collection brings timeless design into your bathroom! Available with gently curving or clean lines. Discover the timeless Rebris faucets for an upgrade in the bathroom. Choose between two design variants, with curves or clean edges, and renovate with maximum quality.

Hansgrohe designed the Rebris family of faucets for people who see and feel their bathroom as a place of well-being. Perhaps you even linger there longer than necessary? After all, it is equipped with everything you find beautiful, everything that makes you happy. Also, you don’t need to plan a large budget for these designer faucets with a minimal outlay. Both variants offer a wide range for the entire bathroom and support a sustainable lifestyle, thanks to innovative technologies.

The Hansgrohe Rebris is a bathroom faucet that can be mounted on the wall or on the sink. It is available in multiple finishes and options. The most prominent technology used in this faucet is the EcoRight water-saving technology, which limits your water consumption to just 1.2 gal/min., day after day, without sacrificing comfort. This faucet also features Touchless activation, which allows you to turn on and off the flow of water without touching anything.

If you are looking for an attractive design that is paired with high functionality, Hansgrohe Rebris faucets are a great choice for your kitchen and bathroom. Contact us at Plumbtile.com and we will help you pick the faucet for you!