What you need to know about Stone Polymer Composite SPC flooring.

Did you know that the fastest growing flooring type is SPC or Stone Polymer Composite flooring? Most homeowners are trying to go as green as possible for their renovation options. Countertops and flooring are now being manufactured with composite materials. I know what you are thinking….every inexpensive piece of furniture that you have ever bought or put together built from composite has fallen apart and there is really no longevity. But that was in the past. Composite countertops and flooring are truly the wave of the future.

Today’s composites are trendy, durable and, for the most part, an very affordable option to give your home a beautiful new look. Stone Polymer Composite flooring is an upgrade to the Luxury Vinyl Tiles. What makes SPC a better option over LVT? LVT flooring has a composite made of wood pulp and plastic composites. SPC uses a composite of limestone powder, PVC and stabilizers, which is a much stronger and longer lasting product.

While both products are waterproof SPC floors are perfect for bathroom, kitchens, sun-rooms and basements because they are waterproof and impact resistant, so no more cracked tiles or dents when you drop something on the floor. They are hypo allergenic, easy to clean, maintain and fire resistant.

This type of flooring is especially perfect for a sun-rooms since the tiles are resistant to fading even under UV lighting due to a colour film that has been printed with the design and color or the tile then a wear layer is added to resists scratches and stains. Unlike hardwood flooding you will get no scratching, denting or splintering. It is also the best flooring for covering up defects in old tiled flooring. SPC if pretty ridged, what this means to you is that it will cover the flaws in the old floor without showing through to the new one.