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Kitchen Tiles

For most people the kitchen is more than just a place to grab a snack or make a meal. It is a place where your family and friends come together and talk, laugh and live. A kitchen is usually a personal space and when remodeling people want to add touches that speaks to them. That is why so many people pick Porcelanosa for their tiles. Porcelanosa offers unique and beautiful tile options to bring to life your designs.

Porcelanosa Tiles

Porcelanosa has over 40 years of experience and is in over 100 countries in the bath & kitchen industry with the ability to offer a large variety of tiles in different styles, colors, textures, shapes and styles. Porcelanosa offers both wall and floor tile from beautiful and unique mosaic to vintage wood porcelain to stone and urbatek tiles. The wide array of colors and patterns allow you to find and design the perfect floor or wall art that will highlight and accentuate your home.

Porcelanosa has always been committed to provide high quality products at an affordable price with an emphasis on innovation, design and sustainability. Its products are sold worldwide through exclusive distributors based on a network of showrooms located in Europe, America and Asia Pacific.

Porcelanosa Tiles

If you love the look of a hardwood floors but don’t like the maintenance or the fact that a wood floor can scratch or stain, then the wood porcelain is the floor for you. This tile is made of porcelain but looks exactly like a hard wood. It comes in different shapes and colors to fit any design.

Mosaic and wall tiles are wonderfully crafted with the highest quality and is the best way to give your room that finishing touch. Whether you use these tiles on the floor, an accent wall, or backsplash, Porcelanosa Mosaic Craft, Wave & Art Floor Tiles will be the focal point of your kitchen.

Porcelanosa has accredited their growth on product diversification and because of this diversification they are able to offer you a variety of tiles to fit all your needs. Contact us at Plumbtile.com and we will discuss with you the different styles to find your perfect tile for your kitchen floor.