Soaking Tubs by WETSTYLE


WETSTYLE is a brand of soaking bathtubs, sinks, and shower bases that can be customized to fit your space. The company was founded in 1986 by a team of designers who wanted to create their own line of products for the bathroom. Since then, WETSTYLE has become a leader in the industry for its original designs and commitment to quality.

With over 30 years of experience, WETSTYLE marries original design and exceptional craftsmanship with the most environmentally friendly materials to create original soaking bathtubs, sinks, shower bases, and furnishings for the contemporary bathroom environment.

WETSTYLE’s mission is to provide consumers with innovative products designed for everyday living that are also kind to the environment. By using recycled materials such as glass and concrete, we are helping save our planet’s natural resources while producing exceptional products that last a lifetime.

Wetstyle's Lab Collection

The Lab Collection

Introducing WETSTYLES Lab Collection. The Lab collection is defined by its dynamic, sensual design; subtle curves and finely beveled details create an elegant soaking tub that caters to the needs of the modern bathroom. Crafted from luxurious, ecologically friendly WETMAR BiO Material, the BLB03 Lab Tub is the newest addition to the Lab Collection of Bathtubs.

An end drain model in a compact form factor of 60” x 30” x 19” makes it an ideal model for the shower tub combination. The BLB03 maintains the integral deck along its length providing room for deck-mounted taps, faucets, or personal bathing accessories. The soft beveled upper ledge gives this practical tub its beauty and charm.

The Lab Collection is available in five sizes: 60” x 30” x 19”; 72” x 36” x 19”; 90” x 40” x 21″; 108″ x 48″ x 23″; 120″ x 54″ x 24.

The Cube Collection

WETSTYLE’S CUBE collection of freestanding bathtubs is designed to enhance your bathing experience, add a touch of luxury to your home, and bring you closer together. The beauty of geometry is one that is often taken for granted; embrace the aesthetic simplicity of rectangular shapes with this immaculately designed freestanding bathtub from WETSTYLE’S CUBE collection.

Made from ecologically friendly WETMAR BiO material, and available in a True High Gloss or Matte white finish, this large tub is built to accommodate two people comfortably, with a backrest on each side of the tub and plenty of leg room. A luxurious tub designed to maximize comfort, intimacy, and style, the CUBE collection is timeless in its design yet modern in its luxuries.

Light some candles, draw the bath, and dip in with a loved one- an intimate evening awaits in the CUBE.

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