Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day

Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970 and has grown in popularity from an environmental movement that only hippies cared about to a global movement to save and clean up the Earth.  Trees are planted, parks are cleaned up, and green is made “cool” for one specific day.  Citizens of the world give up time and energy to help make the Earth a little more beautiful.

Globally the green movement is taking effect and at Plumbtile.com we are making an effort to offer products that are not only stylish and durable but also green. 

Hansgrohe faucets

Hansgrohe is a product that is offered at Plumbtile that not only offers green products but has also made green manufacturing plants to help the environment.  Founded and based in Germany, the environmental standards for this company are extremely stringent.  Earth Day is something that should be celebrated daily, what better way than ensuring that products used in your home and office are manufactured green and help to reduce waste.

Duravit toilets

Want to find a cost-efficient way to go green in your house? Install a Duravit low-flow toilet to minimize the amount of water wasted when using the bathroom. In the 1980s, Duravit had already harmonized the geometry of the body of the toilet with the flushing volume and reduced the amount of water consumed by its toilets to six liters as opposed to the nine or more liters that were standard at the time. Thanks to ongoing research and development, Duravit is today able to offer toilets that flush hygienically using just six, four, and a half, or even less water (see Dual Flush). At the international level, Duravit offers toilets that also flush efficiently with a low flushing volume and that carry the “EPA WaterSense High-Efficiency Flushing” label.

Graff faucets

Who says that luxury and green can’t go together? Graff products are not only ergonomically efficient but bring luxury and class to your home.  Choosing green products does not mean giving up style.  Style can be found and used in the best ways, by saving the Earth and meeting all your design standards! Graff is the leading manufacturer of luxury bathroom fixtures. Their mission is to create innovative, sustainable, and distinctive products that are designed around your needs and expectations. Graff focuses on design, quality, and the environment because they believe that sustainability is not only a necessity but also an opportunity for innovation.

Graff offers a wide range of products to meet all budgets and tastes: faucets, shower systems, bathroom accessories, and more.

American Standard

American Standard is another great company that really thinking about the environment. Save money and more than 33,000 gallons a year simply by installing water-efficient American Standard toilets, showers, and faucets. American Standard is a proud recipient of the WaterSense® Partner of the Year Award for 2012 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Their commitment is to pioneer water-saving solutions and educate people across the country about protecting the earth’s water source. American Standard WaterSense-certified products offer water savings of 20 percent or more. You can conserve water without sacrificing style or performance.

Celebrate this Earth Day by doing something great for the Environment.  Chose a product that will help to bring style to your home and reduce waste in the process.  Visit Plumbtile and shop for your favorite green products and get some helpful eco-friendly tips for your home.