Making Your Holiday Home Welcoming

If you’re one of the few that can afford the luxuries of a holiday home, there are many ways to ruin a good thing by not making it as welcoming as it should be. Your “home away from home” should be as welcoming as a 5 star hotel. That being said, any holiday home, small or large, can be renovated into such a welcoming place that you might not ever want to go back to reality.

What are ways to make my holiday home welcoming?

Avoid the clean-up. Most people believe that a carpet brings a sense of warmth, which is why they will add it to their holiday home. But you’re ignoring the entire point of a holiday home. You have one to get away from the mundane. So if cleaning can be one of those things to minimize, get rid of the carpet. If it’s a lake or beach house, tile the entire home. Busby Gilbert Tile offers a large selection of tiles to enhance and create the perfect beach house setting. If you are looking for a more classic tile Cosa Marble has tile options that give you the cozy luxury feeling of opulence.

Avoid too many linens and other dust collectors. Let’s face it, you’ll have to dust eventually. There is no place in the world free from dust particles. However, it can be avoided as much as possible. A holiday home that is not often frequented can fall victim to dust collectors that will impact the air and feel of your home. Remove these items and whenever possible, bring your own linens. It might also be best practice to use coverings for furniture to keep them from collecting the access dust in the air.

Keep up with modern trends. You might have purchased your holiday home just a few years ago. Or you may have inherited it from grandma. However, you obtained your holiday home, be sure to keep it up to date. Modern luxuries can make any getaway worthwhile.

Paint. In any case, lighter colors always bring more space into any room. When going away, rest and relaxation is always promoted in space. Bring more light into your room with the color you choose on your walls.

Don’t neglect your kitchen. No matter what kind of space you have, the kitchen is always the heart of the home. Be sure to pay attention to the needs of your kitchen. If you didn’t care for having a kitchen on holiday, you’d purchase a hotel timeshare and eat out for every meal. If you own a holiday home, good morning breakfasts in your nook, and cozy family dinners are important to you. Consider the cabinets, appliances, and other necessities that will make or break your kitchen in your holiday home. Think about upgrading your sink to a larger one that can accommodate family gatherings. Native Trails offer kitchen sinks in different materials such as copper that are deep and can hold many dishes, pots, and pans.

Bunk beds in the guest rooms. With a holiday home, you can never be too sure who will come to visit. You should always have the right amount of sleeping spaces for your guests. Bunk beds will minimize the clutter by housing beds one on top of the other. Wherever possible, recess clothing storage and shelves should be used for more space.