Designer Faucets by Watermark

Watermark faucet

At Plumbtile we always carry a large collection of faucets and bathroom products. One of the best brands we carry is Watermark. Watermark is manufactured in Brooklyn, New York. They produce an American-made faucet line and are a family-owned business. Plumbtile is proud to carry this line and loves family-owned businesses! Watermark values its products and makes sure to provide cutting-edge technologically advanced faucets. They have taken the industrial look to a whole new level.

You are probably wondering what Watermark can offer that no other has. Well, automatic faucets have been around for quite some time. However, the challenge with creating an automatic faucet is bringing luxury with its design. Because it’s automatic, the sensor is built into the faucet. This leaves a usually big, bulky design. Watermark has been able to create beautiful finishes without the chunk generic faucets.

Watermark was able to incorporate some greatest features into its faucets. All their automatic faucet control systems run on an off-the-shelf battery. This has cut down any wiring which has created a less bulky finish. They are also designed to run water at a pre-set temperature. Watermark has created a valve that can be integrated into the faucet so that users can adjust the temperature.

 Don’t worry about water waste with Watermark faucets. All their faucets are touchless. With touchless faucets, they come with a safety shut-off feature. There is a timer that automatically turns the water off which will help to conserve energy and water. Watermark is always looking to be as green as possible.

By purchasing a touchless faucet, you are also helping to keep the spread of germs down. Limiting the number of surfaces and fixtures that must be touched before you can wash your hands is an effective way to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. These are great for work, schools, and the home. There is no limitation to where you can install a Watermark faucet.

 You can find these beautifully designed faucets at Plumbtile. And as always, one of our experts is waiting to assist you with any questions on your next purchase of Watermark designer faucets.