How Well Do You Know Where Your Hardware Came From?

Samuel H pic


When we shop for bathroom hardware we seldom stop to think, “hmm, I wonder how much pride and effort went in to this”. Doing your research pays off, not only in the durability of how long a brand will last, but how much passion the designer and manufacturer really put into it. You wouldn’t want a fixture in your bathroom that wasn’t going to last through the years. That’s why Samuel Heath products are a must when considering updating or building a new bathroom.

From 1820, when Samuel first established his brand of solid brassware out of England, he set out with a goal to only provide the finest quality of fixtures. Since that time, he has gained a worldwide reputation for stylish design, quality and performance.

Each piece of work is made by hand, from the product being sculpted, molded, polished or packed. For example, It takes many years to fully train a Samuel Heath polisher, but investment in people and quality has always been at the company’s heart.All of these processes take place at the company’s Birmingham factory ensuring total control over manufacturing, quality and environmental responsibility. As opposed to some of your modern day providers just spitting out hundreds of molds of the same design without care how it will hold up, just turning a quick dollar.

Protecting the environment is another major factor in why this manufacturer is so highly regarded. With 80 percent of the raw materials made from 80 percent recycled materials. Samuel Heath works hard to minimize its impact and ensure the highest levels of environmental accountability.

A diverse range of metal and pure brass finishes means Samuel Heath brassware is ideal for both traditional and contemporary settings. From Satin Chrome to Matte Black Chrome and everything in between, their Master Polishers create a perfectly smooth surface with no imperfections.

A company that prides itself in the meticulous training they provide to their employees to how long the company’s been in business, speaks volumes to the kind of product you will enjoy for years to come.  You can rest assured that when using PlumbTile you will be getting the finest of the finest in bathroom products.