5 Kitchen Design Trends Expected To Be Big in 2015

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Modern kitchen interior

Have you been considering a new look for your kitchen design and think 2015 may be the year to get it done? Are you a design or building professional who’s looking to stay in front of the hottest trends each year? Before you take the plunge on some new ideas, we have a look at 7 of the top design trends for 2015.

1. Open, accessible shelving

We are seeing a rapidly-growing trend of open and accessible cabinets and shelving for practical storage. This will help personalize spaces and make them both inviting and easy to use. It also makes it easy for you and anyone who visits to quickly see and grab what they need.

2. Strong accent areas

floorAreas like the living room and bedrooms are famous for being a highly personalized area with strong accent walls and decor, but the kitchen is often overlooked as a simply utilitarian room with very little personality. In 2015, this will all change. Accent walls, wallpaper, appliances, and even unique flooring will help homeowners embrace the kitchen as a beloved room in their home and add their own personality to it.

3. Modern, traditional design

“Modern, traditional” is going to be a big term not just for home decor, but also for kitchen design. This style marries traditional elements with modern function and design. This includes color palettes, cabinet design, counter finishes, appliance design, flooring, and more. In 2015, glass may be replaced with porcelain, and chrome might be replaced with pewter or brushed nickel – even on brand new fixture.

4. Luxe metallics

We are used to seeing chrome, silver, and stainless steel, in the kitchen, but in the coming year we are likely to see warmer metals instead. Copper, gold, and bronze are considered luxe metallics and are among the fastest-growing trends for 2015. Take it one step further with brushed metal finishes and you’re onto a very hot trend.

5. Tribal-inspired tones

Repetitive-PatternsGone are the days of the sterile, white kitchen. Instead, adding warm and tribal-inspired colors brings a kitchen to life and creates a cozy, inviting space. Colors like mustard, deep red, royal blue, and violet will be used in place of primary colors, and tones like taupe and coral will replace the traditional neutrals. with this palette, you can create some beautiful combinations with accent walls, custom tile, and even refinished cabinets.

Looking for some inspiration to update and living up your kitchen in 2015? Be sure to consult one of our specialists for free!

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