Designer Spotlight: Carmel Stone

Jerusalem Gold 4x4 with granite slab counter

Modern lifestyle often focuses on the latest trends and newest fashions. However, “new” does not necessarily mean high quality or sophisticated taste. Breaking the mold, Carmel Stone has roots in ancient lands where construction materials have been weathering the passing winds of time for thousands of years.

Limestone from the Stone Slab Collection.

Carmel Stone’s unique stones, granites, and marbles are seasoned with the rich culture of exotic destinations and great for any home or bathroom tile flooring option. Brought from the far reaches of rugged South America, the picturesque mountains of Italy’s Mediterranean coast, and the historic trade routes of the vast empires of India and the Far East, each piece comes with a fascinating story of distant places and extraordinary peoples. Using the same raw materials of the Renaissance sculptors, the Italian Marble & Travertine collection adds a fine artistic element to home decor. The slabs of limestone carved from the quarries of Egypt, Israel, and Palestine bring many centuries of culture and heritage to home furnishings. Carmel Stone’s Jerusalem Collection offers a variety of stone products acquired directly from the historic city of Jerusalem to add durable and beautiful enhancements to a home’s interior and exterior.

The distinct collections of gorgeous high end products offered by Carmel Stone are only one factor that make them a leading importer and distributor. Their rigorous standard of quality and detailed inspection guarantees each and every piece is flawless for the satisfaction of the most discerning clients with exquisite taste. Customer care as solid as the toughest stone– including immediate response and timely shipping– ensures the best experience in browsing, selecting, and purchasing.

The great empires’ buildings and artwork remain because of the detailed craftsmen, expert engineers, and skilled artisans used the finest materials to construct and create. In the same vein, Carmel Stone is dedicated to searching the earth for treasures to enrich the beauty of select residences. Just as the difference between inferior and superior materials is proved by their longevity and strength, the evidence of Carmel Stone’s superiority is found in its proud tradition of providing matchless unique products delivered with exceptional customer care. Carmel Stone is the ideal choice for the highest quality stone, granite, and marble from around the world.