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Blanco Photo Caption Contest



BLANCO Photo Caption Contest

Blanco Sinks and Faucets, a family owned company since 1925, is teaming up with artist Kerstin Hiestermann for a photo caption contest. Users can enter their captions for the photo of the week and have a chance to win an iPad Mini. There is a new winner each week. Read More

Newest Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends

When it comes to the latest trends in kitchen remodeling, consumers find that they have many available choices. Depending on their individual taste and budget the following suggestions are just a few among the 2014 kitchen trends: Read More

Kitchen Countertop Materials To Fit Your Style


Kitchen Countertops are one of the most dominating features of any kitchen. They make up a very large spatial portion of the room and therefore are one of the most visually prevalent as well. They are also one of the most used features of a kitchen as well. So it is very important to choose a material that works best for you and your needs. can help you with all of your kitchen countertop material needs. Read More

Arabesque Ceramic Tile, Uniquely Shaped Like No Other


Break away from the standard tile shape, and embrace the ornate beauty of award-winning Beveled Arabesque. Combined with natural stone or other ceramic or porcelain tiles, Beveled Arabesque is perfect for not only your kitchen, but also for a bath and shower accent panel, a bathroom wainscot, or a fireplace surround. It will add character and interest without pomp or circumstance.

Arabesque Glazed Ceramic, a tile so uniquely shaped that no matter what your taste whether it’s classic, contemporary, or eclectic, it will instantly bring new life to your kitchen or bath. Read More

Kitchen Remodeling: Tips on Choosing Kitchen Lighting

 kitchen lighting

Decorating and remodeling a kitchen is different from renovating a bedroom or a living room, especially when it comes to kitchen lighting. Choosing a kitchen lighting may be overlooked by many homeowners because they mistakenly believe that providing lighting in the area is good enough, sacrificing the design and functionality. A kitchen can also be a center of attraction in the house with a good design and innovative lighting technology. Read More

There is So Much More You Can Do With Your Floors

The 2014 Flooring options are not only durable in nature but have an elegant touch towards its appearance. Choose among the most popular designs earlier which are yet to explode in the next year. Floor and wall tiles are popular, elegant and timelessly stylish interior design and decorating materials. Modern floor and wall tile designs offer wonderful ways to add a splash of colors, unique decoration patterns and interesting textures to home interiors, especially bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms and entryways. Read More

Remodel, Redesign, Go Green


Redoing a kitchen is the number one renovation project. But what is a green kitchen? Think Remodel, Redesign, Go Green! What goes into a green kitchen remodel? The cornerstones of any green project should include:

  • energy efficiency
  • conservation of natural resources
  • indoor air quality  Read More

Top 5 Kitchen Countertops

Kohler Kitchen

Nowadays, there are so many choices when it comes to kitchen countertops. There is everything from stone to wood, tile to laminate, and even stainless steel and concrete countertops. Depending on your need, style, and budget, there is something out there that will help you create an amazing kitchen. Here are the top five most popular countertop materials. Read More

2013 Most Popular Remodeling Trends

Going Natural
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How to get the most bang for your buck!

As we are getting close to the end of the year you might be thinking about some remodeling projects around your home to not only make your home more comfortable and pleasing to you but also raise the value of your home. Let’s face it buying and investing in a home will be one of the most time consuming and expensive things you will ever do as an adult. Most people dream about buying their first new car and their first home! Owning a home is a huge accomplishment in life and with the economy today you need something that will grow in value and last a long time. With that in mind not everyone can afford a brand new home so you buy one and fix it up.

Remodeling an older home can be challenging but the biggest challenge is which area of the home to remodel that will give you the most for your money. While some people are going to focus on the kitchen and bath areas there are also other Areas of your home that tend to be neglected.

Backyard Fun
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This year is all about getting back to nature by using natural materials such as wood, stone and recycled materials as well as getting back to nature with the color pallets. Homeowners and buyers are now looking to use every square inch of their homes wisely and efficiently they are also leaning towards a more open layout in the design of the rooms and usage of space. They want comfort, gone are the days of a formal dining room or living room they are now looking to combine rooms so the family and guests can interact more. Some of the latest trends are:

  • Back to Nature  – Earth tomes have always been popular and can be very soothing but this year it is all about green. All shades of green can be found in paint along with Furniture, accessories and rugs are also available in many shades of green.
  • Textures and Accents – Recycling is a popular way to not only save a few pennies but also add some character to your home. One of these way to recycle is to use reclaimed wood, it give the home a rustic sense while adding warmth. Textures or prints are extremely popular with one of the patterns being stripes.
  • Layouts – One of the hottest layout trends is a open floor plan. This type of floor plan not only uses all available space wisely but it gives your room a look and feel of a bigger room. One of the most common open floor plans if to merge the kitchen and living room.
  • Outdoor Living – Today most people not only want to enjoy the inside of their home but they also want to enjoy the outside as well. The most important accessories for outdoor spaces are beautiful landscaping and a magnificent place to spend time with family and friends.

Lots of new fresh ideas to make your home picture perfect AND increase the value!

Tile Takeover

Plumbtile: Bisazza

Traditionally, tile has been used for centuries in kitchens and bathrooms as a practical means of keeping water and other messes confined.  It has an excellent reputation for being easy to clean and maintain.  Lately, decorative tile has been making an impressive appearance in other rooms of the home and are available in more colors and designs than ever.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with tile.  A simple tile floor in a bath or kitchen can make a huge improvement to the feel of the room, but consider placing tiles in bright colors and designs for a one-of-a-kind element. Mermaid scales and subway tile are gaining popularity fast because of the endless colors available.  Read More