Kitchen Cabinet Hardware: Add Bling to your Kitchen!

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While amidst remodeling your kitchen, your mind is probably busy picking new colors, new appliances, and a ton of other things!  There’s one little detail that you might have forgotten and it has a pretty big impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen; the bling!  You may not be showcasing your new kitchen on the red carpet, but it still has to look great!  Kitchen cabinets rarely come with hardware, so it’s a big decision left to you, to choose a style and finish that works with the space. It’s important to consider the finishes on the light fixtures and appliances in the space. There’s no need to match every finish, you can mix chrome with brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze with brass, just be sure the finishes will complement each other. Here are a few tips for making the final choice based on some different styles:

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Contemporary Kitchens  – These usually look best with streamlined pulls, and sleek tubular or rectangular options are a perfect complement for this modern style.  Choose hardware that complements your cabinets.

Traditional Kitchens  – Old World inspired hardware works well in traditional or European style kitchens.  Think about a brushed finish for your     hardware or something simple that can make a subtle statement.

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All-White Kitchens  – With white kitchen cabinets, the good news is that any of the available finishes for knobs and pulls will always look great!  White cabinets provide a clean palette, so try on a few different styles and see what fits best.

Glamorous Kitchens – Glass knobs are an often overlooked but stylish choice.  If you’re seeking to inject a dose of glamour in a kitchen, glass knobs are a classic option that also provides a little sparkle or splash color.

Craftsman style kitchens – Choose pewter or chrome, oil rubbed bronze or nickel, even brass is making a comeback as a choice for kitchen hardware. With painted cabinets, just about any finish on hardware will look right.  Oil rubbed bronze, pewter, brushed nickel, and chrome are all good choices.

Just remember, it’s perfectly fine to mix styles of hardware too, and in those circumstances you can’t go wrong when you keep the finishes consistent.  The main thing to keep in mind is that it’s YOUR kitchen and you get to decide what fabulous means to you!

Have fun picking out your bling, and be sure to visit for all of your kitchen or bathroom remodeling needs!