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The Colors of 2022

Sherwin Williams paint colors

It is time to take a look at some of the hottest colors of 2022 and how they can work in both professional and personal home transformation projects. Very Peri, Evergreen Fog, and October Mist 1495 are beautiful and strong colors in their own right, but they all provide slightly different uses in the home. Use and pair them correctly for a truly stunning decor!

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2013 Most Popular Remodeling Trends

Going Natural
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How to get the most bang for your buck!

As we are getting close to the end of the year you might be thinking about some remodeling projects around your home to not only make your home more comfortable and pleasing to you but also raise the value of your home. Let’s face it buying and investing in a home will be one of the most time consuming and expensive things you will ever do as an adult. Most people dream about buying their first new car and their first home! Owning a home is a huge accomplishment in life and with the economy today you need something that will grow in value and last a long time. With that in mind not everyone can afford a brand new home so you buy one and fix it up.

Remodeling an older home can be challenging but the biggest challenge is which area of the home to remodel that will give you the most for your money. While some people are going to focus on the kitchen and bath areas there are also other Areas of your home that tend to be neglected.

Backyard Fun
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This year is all about getting back to nature by using natural materials such as wood, stone and recycled materials as well as getting back to nature with the color pallets. Homeowners and buyers are now looking to use every square inch of their homes wisely and efficiently they are also leaning towards a more open layout in the design of the rooms and usage of space. They want comfort, gone are the days of a formal dining room or living room they are now looking to combine rooms so the family and guests can interact more. Some of the latest trends are:

  • Back to Nature  – Earth tomes have always been popular and can be very soothing but this year it is all about green. All shades of green can be found in paint along with Furniture, accessories and rugs are also available in many shades of green.
  • Textures and Accents – Recycling is a popular way to not only save a few pennies but also add some character to your home. One of these way to recycle is to use reclaimed wood, it give the home a rustic sense while adding warmth. Textures or prints are extremely popular with one of the patterns being stripes.
  • Layouts – One of the hottest layout trends is a open floor plan. This type of floor plan not only uses all available space wisely but it gives your room a look and feel of a bigger room. One of the most common open floor plans if to merge the kitchen and living room.
  • Outdoor Living – Today most people not only want to enjoy the inside of their home but they also want to enjoy the outside as well. The most important accessories for outdoor spaces are beautiful landscaping and a magnificent place to spend time with family and friends.

Lots of new fresh ideas to make your home picture perfect AND increase the value!