Kitchen Remodeling: Tips on Choosing Kitchen Lighting

 kitchen lighting

Decorating and remodeling a kitchen is different from renovating a bedroom or a living room, especially when it comes to kitchen lighting. Choosing a kitchen lighting may be overlooked by many homeowners because they mistakenly believe that providing lighting in the area is good enough, sacrificing the design and functionality. A kitchen can also be a center of attraction in the house with a good design and innovative lighting technology.

Types of Kitchen Lighting

Fancy and decorative floor and table lamps or very bright fluorescent ceiling lights may provide general lighting but would you rather use a kitchen light fixture that can aide you in cooking and preparing meals? There are three areas to consider in choosing kitchen lighting: ambient lighting, accent lighting and direct lighting.

Ambient lighting is the general illumination in the room. It provides the overall lighting feel for the space.

Accent lighting highlights objects or areas that you want to focus attention to such as glassware, artworks, chinaware and others. This kind of lighting is meant to add design to a newly remodeled kitchen.

Direct lighting provides focused light to a particular work area to get you the light where you need it. Mostly found in closets, cabinets, pantries. This type of lighting helps us to find objects and tools easily.

Why do you need to know this?

range hoodMany homeowners think that choosing kitchen lighting is easy. They prioritize the look of their kitchen first and when its time to use their newly remodeled kitchen, that’s when they realize that it’s not functioning the way they want it to be. In most cases, you would either redesign again and would cost a lot of money and time for the homeowner.

If you know and understand your lighting options and can integrate it to your lighting needs, chances are you will be spending all your day cooking and just be in the kitchen. You will love your newly redesigned kitchen space and feel good cooking and preparing meals to your loved ones.

Also, if you feel like you can’t choose over hundreds of products or ideas to decorate your kitchen you can seek professional help with lighting designers, interior decorators and some electricians. These professionals can give you the best light options for the least money and can also give you advice which products or brands are best to use for your kitchen.