Arabesque Ceramic Tile, Uniquely Shaped Like No Other


Break away from the standard tile shape, and embrace the ornate beauty of award-winning Beveled Arabesque. Combined with natural stone or other ceramic or porcelain tiles, Beveled Arabesque is perfect for not only your kitchen, but also for a bath and shower accent panel, a bathroom wainscot, or a fireplace surround. It will add character and interest without pomp or circumstance.

Arabesque Glazed Ceramic, a tile so uniquely shaped that no matter what your taste whether it’s classic, contemporary, or eclectic, it will instantly bring new life to your kitchen or bath.

There are 3 common styles of Arabesque:

  • Beveled Arabesque: the popular style that started it all, featuring gently beveled edges for added dimension to design.
  • Recessed Arabesque: a variation with subtle, inward sloping, allowing light and shadow to enhance the classic arabesque shape.
  • Smooth Arabesque: the arabesque shape interpreted in level, uniform tiles, creating a clean, sophisticated look.


The Beveled Arabesque Tile has been featured on Apartment Therapy, and is an award winning tile selection.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a beautifully designed, well planned kitchen complete with a stylish yet sophisticated backsplash, a place where you can celebrate family and friends and experiment with that recent recipe find.

Originally available in White and Ivory, there has been added four more Color Options to the Beveled Arabesque line! While White and Ivory offer versatility, you will find that these new neutral colors—Chocoholic, Paris Nights, Sun Kissed Moroccan and Up in Smoke—will allow you to work with many other color palettes as you turn your kitchen, bath or any project into a one of a kind elegant space to share with friends and family. The options are endless and the results are breathtaking. Let your imagination create a reality with these beautiful works of art.