What Makes A House “Green?”

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When people think of green, some may think the color green, and some may think Earth.  Some people just don’t know that when you “Go Green, you will be saving money on bills by cutting back on water, electricity, energy, and even building materials. Another phrase to use besides “Go Green,” is “Eco-friendly,”

There are a few ways to not only “Go Green,” but save money on current and future bills and housing expenditures. Who doesn’t want to save money? Especially with all the crazy rising prices that are plaguing us every day! Do you REALLY want to know what makes a house or building “Green”? Keep reading!

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“Go Green” Checklist

  • Pick a site to build your home or building, (if not already built), near an area where you can walk or ride a bike.
  • Aggregate and Elevate, don’t agitate…the natural land, that is. Love on and take care of the trees and other surrounding natural landscaping. The Earth will love you back for it!
  • Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle. We have all heard of this great tip. Reduce use of un-recyclable materials. Reuse materials when possible. Recycle materials whenever you can. Set up your own family recycling center, or take a weekly trip to the nearest recycling center as a family.
  • Consult with a good electrician on the most energy-efficient heating/cooling system that will fit within your budget. Remember doing this will impact your living expenses in a very positive way. Meaning more money in your pocket to treat yourself to your favorite dinner and movie for doing such a great job in helping yourself, as well as the Earth!
  • Install energy-efficient windows. By installing windows that allow for natural lighting to come in, it will help with keeping heating/cooling costs down, will allow you to look at the beautiful landscaping in your yard, and will also….SAVE YOU MONEY!!!!
  • Install low-flush or duel flush toilets in your house or building. Install low flow shower heads and aerators in your faucets so that more than enough water doesn’t flood your water bill. Using great energy efficient products from Hansgrohe such as Hole Bar Faucets or Body Spray!
  • Consider installing a solar powered water system which allows the sun to be used as your water heater, heating 80% – 100% of your water.
  • Purchase an eco-friendly washer, dryer, and dishwasher. If you are unable to purchase these all at once, you can still reduce the cost a little by just washing/drying full loads of clothes and dishes.
  • Remember to always turn off as many electronics as possible when not in use.
  • Take a shower in 5 minutes or less if you must use a lot of water, take a long hot bath in a beautiful Duravit Ceramic Bathtub .
  • Get the family involved. This will help you bond as well as SAVE MONEY! Let the children know that by following the “Green” rules, they are helping you to save money, and by you saving money, they are able to get more cool stuff!

“Go Green” today, it will never hurt …it will only help

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