Bathroom Tile Flooring Trends


Bathrooms and tile go hand in hand. They are no longer limited to the floor, but it is more and more acceptable to use tile on your walls. With so many tiles to pick from, where do you start? Here are a few examples of tiles that would look stunning in nay home.

classic-tile-mosaic-terracotta-250People are getting back to nature, looking for artisanship and craftsmanship in the tiles they want to incorporate into their space. They want something to stand out and be unique, so more and more people are choosing patterned tiles. You can use these on the entire wall, as a backsplash, or on the floor to make a statement.

Some designers are bringing back honeycomb tiles to add that extra wow factor to the floors and walls. When it comes to statement making tile you can’t go wrong with colored patterned tile. If you don’t want to use the pattern for the whole room mix and match it with colored tile that accent it and use the patterned tile as a focal point in the room.



classic-tile-mosaic-ceramic-tile-250Two of the more interesting tiles are fish scale or scalloped tiles and vertical subway tiles. Fish scale tiles popped up on 2019 and are still trending in modern bathrooms. They offer an interesting, softer and unique look to any room and works exceptionally well in bathrooms. Subway tiles have been making a comeback over the years are now trending very high with the modern, sleek, luxury homes.

And of course, you can’t forget about mosaic tiles. You have buy them or you can have fun and make them from your left-over tiles. A mosaic tile design can make your room stand out and get noticed!

No matter what style and design you are going for you can’t go wrong with tile flooring! Especially if you looking for a variety, you need to check out Classic Tile & Mosaic here at Plumbtile.