Upgrade Your Pool with Lili Pool Tiles

Lili Poo Tiles

A swimming pool is a great addition to your home and can be wonderful entertainment during the summer months. The weather is starting to warm, which means it’s time to start thinking about making your outdoor space enjoyable. No matter if you’re looking to build a brand new swimming pool or update the one you already have, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Build or update your outdoor living space with the help of a pool professional. Your favorite place to relax on a hot day is only as good as the work that went into it. The building or updating of your pool doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. You can hire a professional by choosing a style you like and matching your budget, what’s important is that whatever you choose, it matches your style and fits your space!

At Plumbtile, our high-quality selection of pool tiles offers you many color choices along with different textures and styles. We can meet all your pool requirements – from waterline tiles to backsplashes and more. We are one of the distributors of the best selection of tiles available to supply you with excellent selections for your next pool project These pool tiles are made by Lili Cement Tiles!

The Lili Glaze Collection

Lili Pool Tiles are the first of their kind and make some of the most unique, colorful additions to your pool area. With unique crystals, crackles, and natural elements that occur naturally in each tile, every piece is as unique as the installation it will be put in. These durable, easy-to-clean tiles are perfect for indoor or outdoor pool applications and are able to withstand immersion in water. Made with high-quality porcelain, they look great on their own or paired with our other cement tiles. Available in a few different sizes, these tiles can be used to create beautiful wall displays or entire designs together to fit your space perfectly. Lili Pool tiles are tiles that will make a splash!

Lili Foggy Blue Pool Tile

Foggy Blue: Bring the calming beauty of nature into your home with this Foggy Blue glaze tile. This deep blue tone is complimented by a delicate pattern, which gives the tile an elegant look while still remaining simple. The perfect choice for any space may be installed in pools, bathrooms, showers, backsplashes, and any other wall application. Lili Tiles Foggy Blue Tile is made from high-quality porcelain, which makes it exceptionally durable and resistant to abrasions.

Lili Marne Blue Pool Tile

Marine Blue: Bold and unique, Lilii Tiles Marine Blue is a beautiful glow of blue. Get the most out of your space by choosing this hexagon tile to install in a variety of areas around the house. The cracked lines that run across each tile give each piece a completely unique look and texture that’s sure to stand out in any space. Bring the comfort and serenity of the great outdoors into your home with Lili Pool Tiles.

Lili Windy Green Pool Tiles

Windy Green: Pool tiles make an excellent accent for almost any space, especially for those with a pool or backyard setting. These Lili Pool Tiles are perfect for creating a bright and inviting space in your bathroom or shower. With its blueish-green hue, this tile compliments any color scheme throughout your home. And with its intricate design, you can create something truly one-of-a-kind in your own home. Windy Green is one of our most versatile and eye-catching glazes.

Lili New Aquamarine Pool Tiles

New Aquamarine: Creating the perfect pool space is made easy with these New Aquamarine glaze tiles from Lili. The teal blue hue is a beautiful choice for any room in your house or for the outdoors, but the uniquely crackled finish makes it stand out in any setting. These tiles are completely unique, as each tile has its own crackles and color variations. You can create your own design using these tiles or simply use them to enhance existing features.

Contact us today at Plumbtile and we can help you pick the right Lili Tile to upgrade or build the pool of your dreams!