Remodeling, Updating and Improving


The DOs and DON’Ts of Home Remodeling



When you are finally ready to do “something” with your home the question is not WHAT but WHERE. Taking on a remodeling job can be nerve racking, time consuming and costly with the potential to not increase your home’s value unless you are smart about the remodel. First you need to decide which room to remodel first once that decision is made you need to choose a plan that will not only give you the updated look you want but also add value to your home. Photo Credit: 

One of the best places to start is the kitchen or the bathroom. For most homes unless the bathrooms tiles and tub are older you can get away with just updating your grout on the tiles and refinishing your tub which will save you money that you can put to another project. Replacing the lighting, repainting and re-facing your cabinets is another way to improve your bathroom and save you money. But should you want to go all in and remodel the entire bathroom keep in mind not only does it need to be attractive but it also has to be functional and doesn’t need to cost a bucket of money.



As most kitchens go when you buy a home (unless it is a newly built one) the kitchen could use some updating. One of the ways to improve the look of a kitchen is to re-face your cabinets, if you have cabinets that you can work with that aren’t too outdated you can generally just re-face them and make them beautiful again. As a home buyer one of the things you look for in a kitchen are the appliances, flooring, lighting and counters. Changing the lighting can be as simple as replacing that the ceiling fans with a new one or the light fixture with pin lights. New flooring and a nice paint job can make any room look new and bring out the full beauty with very little cost to you. Photo Credit:

No one said remodeling, updating and improving your home are going to be cheap or easy but it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Re-use exiting cabinets and tub if you can by re-facing them, fresh paint and grout will always perk up a room and save that money for the big purchases like new appliances, flooring or even that much needed “End of Remodeling” vacation after it is all over! And remember when you have to replace, add or upgrade anything look for Quality and Longevity of that product, you don’t have to pay a lot of something to be quality and long lasting but you certainly don’t want to over pay for a product that not only isn’t going to last long and will need to be replaced.