What Flooring is Right For You?


We are inundated with commercials daily for flooring and it has you looking at your floors now and thinking, “Can we afford new flooring” or “What type of flooring do I want?” When deciding on the type of flooring you want you have to take in consideration of the room, the traffic in the room and the location of your house. If you live in a warmer climate you might want tile or wood floors and only carpet the bedrooms. If you have a family and pets you might consider only tile or you might want wood but are afraid of the damage a pet can do so tile that looks like wood is the best option for you.

For high traffic areas ceramic and porcelain tiles are fabulous, they are durable and easy to clean. If you are replacing the flooring in the kitchen you might want to look at something easier on your feet and legs you will want to think about bamboo or cork floors. This type of wood floor works well for high traffic, is easier on your feet and legs, and cleans up well.

If you really don’t want wood but love the look of wood think about that looks like wood. With so many shapes and colors you can really make your home a show piece. If you are considering tile on your walls as a backsplash there are so many choices from glass to mosaic to subway tiles, in so many different shapes, sizes and colors you can make your kitchen or bathroom pop with beautiful wall art.

For that touch of elegance and decadence when laying your tile try replacing one square here and there with marble or mosaic tile. Or if you really want to make a statement create a floor plan and create a design in the center of the floor, then take your colored left-over tile to fill it in on your actual floor. You will want to mark on the floor your design so as you are laying your regular tile you will not cover your design. Then use the left over colored tile to create a beautiful center piece.

Be creative and have fun!


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