Don’t Fall Into the Remodeling Disaster Trap


The Right Way to Remodeling

One of the most expensive mistakes made when remodeling a home is to remodel to yours or your family needs instead of for resale value. Now you may not even think about selling your home but most of the time when you remodel for your needs you have a lot of wasted space, but when you remodel for resale value you change your way of thinking. You now look at your home with a different eye and see all the space and how to use it, getting the most bang for your buck!

I have some tips that will help you to stay on track to get what your family needs and also get the most for your budget:

  1. When you have decided you want to do more than just a replacing a few things here and there limit the amount of people and voices you have giving input on the remodel. Too many people giving their opinions will tend to cost you money, cause more frustration and leave you rethinking the whole endeavor.
    Have as few people as possible design your remodel with you. The more voices that pitch in on your remodel, the higher the possibility of having a muddled, unfocused design.
  1. Keep your design features to a minimum use the less is more approach. Instead of creating large areas with patterns or crown molding choose smaller focal areas such as a backsplash or a few tiles on the floor or wall. If the room is too busy it will detract for the overall look of the room and will make it look confusing and small.
  1. Pick a focal point in the room and then design the room around it. If it is the center of the floor create a beautiful mosaic with the tile. Take a wall and add some wall art with the left-over tile, choose a painting or picture and coordinate the color of paint to bring out the colors in the picture.
  1. Storage is EVERYTHING! No matter how big or small your home is have you ever noticed there just isn’t enough storage for what you need? You can now get cabinets made to create additional storage space, you can even make the storage recessed in the wall so that it won’t take away more space form the room.
  1. Always, always, always make sure your measurements are accurate. One of the quickest ways to go over budget is the measure wrong and your furniture, cabinets, sink, etc. are too big or two small. You now have to take it back and wasting precious time to return that item and if you got it on sale you might not be able to return it and you have now lost all that money.
  1. And last but not least if you are in any way not sure how or what you need for this project spend the money to hire a professional. The money you spend now will be worth it in the long run and reduce the delay in the completion of the project.

Stick with these simple rules of thumb when renovating and you will not only save money but love the home you are in!