Step Out of The Box With Cork


Flooring choices can be vast, frustrating and expensive, so first thing you have to do is narrow down your choices. The typical flooring is vinyl or tile, both are durable, easy to clean and can be affordable but is it really a look you are going for? Time to change things up and think out of the box!

When you think of cork you think cork boards and not floors but the cork floors of today are beautiful and affordable. They come in several different stains from a light blonde to a dark cherry, they can come with the padding and already sealed so all you need to do is install them.

Cork is one of the eco-friendliest wood flooring options since the cork is bark taken from the cork oak tree leaving the tree intact and renewable every 8-10 years. The flooring itself is recycled from manufacturing cork for bottles. Unlike other hardwoods it is has thermal and acoustical properties, lightweight, warm, hypoallergenic that keeps dust, hair, and other small particles the floor. Cork contain suberin that naturally repells small rodents and insects.

Cork Tiles are easy to install

Most have self-adhesive backing, can be snapped together with tongue and groove or by using a mild mortar. Like tile it will need to be sealed, however, you are able to purchase planks that have already been sealed. Cork tiles or planks are easy to replace if they become damage since they can be lifted and replaced without doing damage to the rest of the floor.

But nothing is perfect and with this beautiful flooring options comes the downside.  Over time cork will wear and scratch form pets, dirt particles that act as sandpaper, heels or even if you drop a knife or other sharp object.

Since cork is soft it can dent with heavy appliances or even tables. It is recommended that furniture coasters be used and for appliances using wooden boards or even different flooring for under those appliances.