What is the Right Color for Your Room?

private-house-brasilChoosing the right color can make or break a room and it can be a little scary. When making the choice keep in perspective the cabinetry, flooring and counter top materials. Small rooms should not have a dark color as it will cause the room to look smaller and on the flip side a light bright color will make the room look and feel larger.

You can have two options to bring more color to your room. You can paint, or install ceramic or mosaic tiles with bright bold colors and designs. One of our favorites is Trend Mosaic and Agglomerate Tiles products.

The colors on your walls should flow with the rest of the rooms in the house. If you have a large open room you might want to look at a color you like that will match the tile on the kitchen floor and the living room sofa. A nice tile with deep, rich tones or a tile that looks like hardwood can allow you to take one wall and use it as an accent wall and paint it a darker color.

It’s all in the details! In the living room and bedrooms, we accent them with pillows and pictures that pull a color from a thread in the furniture or bedspreads but in the kitchen, pull that color from, your countertops or cabinetry. If you have granite or marble counters look for that thin thread of color and use it to accent the room.

For your bathroom, you want it to be warm, inviting and relaxing. In a bathroom start with a neutral color and accent with a pop of color to tie everything in. When picking out a relaxing color blues and greens can change the ambiance of the room.

Before you start painting go to the store and get samples to paint on the wall or even tile samples, stand back and see what resonates with you and the room. Painting a room or adding tile is a big deal and choosing the right color can be the difference between loving your room and just liking it.

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