Sprucing Up the Overlooked Powder Room


A powder room is probably one of the most overlooked room in the house next to the basement, it is a smaller room off a main living space usually with just a toilet and a sink. No one really thinks about it but it is a key room in the house for visitors. Even though this room is small it can still be just as beautiful as the other rooms.

Since your powder room is small avoid the clutter of knick knacks, keep the colors warm and neutral and instead look at adding a spectacular glass or possibly a stone or wood sink basin instead of a standard sink vanity. Have fun with the room by adding a unique mirror faucets topping it all off with dramatic lighting.

When looking to add art try adding tile to the whole room and take a few spots to create your own mosaic tile art, if tiling the room is not for you pick a fun backsplash, stencil the wall or try adding your own paintings by taking canvas you can get at the local art store and a stencil. Use the stencil on the canvas and fill in the background with colors that highlight your powder room wall colors.

You can accent the room by using marble, pebble or even stone tiles, since this is a small room the high-end tiles won’t break your budget and will give the room that extra something it needs to showcase your decorating flair. Make sure when picking out your materials that the room flows well together, the colors blend and that no one thing sticks out it can cause a imbalance in the powder room and throw off all your hard work.

No room is too large or too small to show your personality and make it special. Try new things like making mosaic tiles or your own art work, be creative and above all…have FUN!