Creating a Balance in Your Household With the Right Floor


Can a floor make your room feel peaceful? Over the years, we have all heard of Feng Shui, The Chinese-originated belief that the environment gives energy that you can use to your own being.

Some have taken it serious and actually looked into it further but for most of us we just pass it off as a fade. However, there is really something to it. When you walk into a room and everything is in its place and every place seems to just flow from one thing to the other you feel more peaceful and calm. This is Feng Shui; for some it comes naturally and for some we have to have help. When you furnish your house your look for colors and styles that flow and match but you really have to start with the basic bare bones room.

happy-floors-neostile-250Look at the room, the walls, floors and fixtures all this plays a key part in creating a room that flows and is peaceful. The first step is to start with the floors and decide if you want carpet, tile or wood floors. If you love wood but want something more durable tiles are now manufactured to look like hard wood. If you are a lover of tile you can create your own patter by mixing and matching colors or using a mosaic tile as focus pieces.

Once you have decided what type of flooring look to the walls and determine the best color to highlight your flooring and furniture. Lighting is very important not enough and it happy-floors-sagamore-250will be too dark too much and it will seem harsh. Recessed lighting has become popular again and there are several different types available.

The placement of your furniture is critical and shouldn’t be overlooked. You want to make sure it is facing in the right direction and have plenty of room to move around the room. As you are placing the furniture take a step back and look at the room; it should look and feel warm, comfortable and inviting. By making sure your rooms flow it will help you to create the sanctuary that you seek and always help to keep you positive!