Abstract Tiling for the Bathroom

toto-aba991x01fcp-7Abstract Design tiles evoke a modernist aesthetic that suits many newer homes and even older ones that need a sprucing up. They can be incorporated into a particular theme that you would like in your bathroom or kitchen with all the colors, styles and textures that the heart could desire. With all the options available for tiles, where do you begin? The following will give you some examples of the kinds of abstract tile available that can really add pop and sparkle to your kitchen or bathroom.

Examples of Abstract Designs

Examples of abstract designs used for tiles are floral motifs, geometric shapes and themes that remind you of the asymmetrical beauty of things in nature. Some have flowers embossed on them, while others have uneven line patterns. You can find tiles that have drawings by artists on their surfaces or imitate the skins of wild and untamed animals. Paisley designs and futuristic patterning are all popular, and some even have the feel of a watercolor painting. Their textures can make you feel like you are looking at lace or leather instead of a ceramic tile—some even look like spun gold or metal. With all of these options, the key is finding what in particular to do with abstract tile so that it truly shines.

Ways to Incorporate Abstract Tiles

Tiles inspired by nature often do well in bathroom designs with many windows looking out onto a garden. They also work well in farmhouses or homes of similar style. Futuristic patterning does well in kitchens and bathrooms that have that trend present in their fixtures, while paisley designs work well in feminine-inspired rooms. Which tile would work best for your bathroom or kitchen? Be creative, but don’t forget to honor the already existing fixtures and furniture by pairing them with a tile that reflects that particular aesthetic.

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