Agora Tile Natural Stone Review

porcelanosa Oxo Garden ArenaAgora Tile is one of the leading manufacturers and importers of natural stone products, including onyx tile, marble sinks, granite countertops, and mosaic tile. They offer several options for color, type of stone and design and have high quality products. Their home base is Los Angeles, and their website boasts a relatively impressive array of slabs, stone, terrazzo, and porcelain. They have stores in 14 states in the western United States, and value high quality raw materials that they get from all over the world. Let’s look closely at the product and see how they match up to other leading competitors.

Agora: The Product

Based on their website, it seems that they have a relatively okay variety of tile for a small to medium stone manufacturer. It seems that what they do carry is high quality, but there are not a plethora of choices. They have field mosaics, specialty mosaics, and geometric relief, but the ones available all look somewhat similar and do not reflect a company with varied and eclectic tastes. This can be expected to some degree, considering this company is not nationwide. However, considering how many states they are in, it would seem that more variety in their products would be expected. Even so, it can be guaranteed that their product is high quality considering they are a relatively small business that focuses on the best result possible.

If they choose to expand, one would expect that their variety would increase. All in all, you’re getting high quality products from Agora, so it is safe to say that choosing them for your kitchen tile is a good choice. They are more expensive than nationwide brands, but the quality perfectly reflects this. However, if you are looking for a particular style that they don’t have, you may be out of luck. If they do carry a design you love, then go for it.