Ways Renovation Can Help Avoid Mold Issues

Fall is upon us . Many are happy while others may be approaching it with dread. Those sad and down trodden are individuals that suffer through a frustrating condition called allergies. While the falling leaves are beautiful and bring an array of beautiful colors to most, it brings these individuals the frustration of sneezing, sickness and so many other discomforts due to mold. For allergy sufferers, making minor changes and renovations to their homes externally and internally is a necessity.

How can allergy sufferers prepare for mold prevention?

Leaves removal. It’s as simple as a consistent cleanup. Go into those gutters and get out all of the leaves and mold that are piling up. With leaves removal from gutters, masks should definitely be used to avoid further illness and suffering. If this is something that you cannot handle, you may have to consider hiring an individual to do it for you.

Rid yourself of humidity. In particular, you want to look at damp areas in your home, such as the basement and dehumidify it. You will avoid mold build up in your home if you keep the air between 35 and 50 percent humidity. By inhibiting the mold growth, you’re making the air in your home more comfortable to breath.

Close your windows. In the same way that you try to keep your windows closed during the summer to keep the mosquitoes out, you should establish the same habit during the fall to prevent mold from creeping in. If condensation is still coming through your windows even when they are closed, it is time to look into replacing them.

Get ahead of the mold. Be mindful of rooms where water is used frequently. Kitchen sinks should be dried with a towel after each use. Especially in bathrooms, mold can build up on tiles, sinks and shower curtains. Towels should always be hung up to prevent them from becoming damp and developing mold.

Identify moisture spots. Rule of thumb when avoiding mold is locating spots in your home that develop moisture where it shouldn’t be. In cases like this, it is important to investigate where the source of moisture is coming from that you can fix or adjust where needed.  

Replace your flooring. One of the top collectors of mold and allergens is carpeting. While we all like to walk across the soft carpet, the floor is warm in the winter and helps to keep the noise down in the room. But carpet can hold the mold, pollen, odors and pet dander. Casa Dolce Casa offers a large selection of different tiles in interesting styles and colors. Tile flooring is easier to maintain, repair if damaged and mold resistant grout can be used for added protection from mold.