Best Places for a Laundry Room Renovation

Nobody ever admits that their favorite room in the home is the laundry room. However, it would definitely be worthwhile to make adjustments and renovations to it. Upgrades would make everyone’s life a bit easier when it comes to getting certain chores in the home done. Especially because most laundry rooms are built to pass through or are simple backdoor space, it is never welcoming in any sense. Some are not even rooms, just appliances tucked away in a side closet. There are many common locations for a laundry room. However, if its location doesn’t work for you, it’s time for a change.

How to determine the best place for your laundry room.

When it comes to deciding on the right spot in your home for your laundry room, be sure that the location is convenient for everyone to use. Size and layout will go hand and hand with location. It will also need to be an area that is not in in the way of or inconvenient to common traffic in the home.

Also take into consideration the types of appliances you will have. Will they be front or top loaders? If you have a small space, stackables may be the better option. Determining whether they will be energy efficient appliances is key because it will affect the selection of appropriate ductwork, connectors or hoses. Oftentimes accompanying washers and dryers are utility sinks. With all of these options, you will have to determine if there is an appropriate water source which can be used.

If clothing will be folded inside the laundry room, decide on whether countertops can be installed, or if a simple table can be purchased for folding and putting away. And it can never hurt to consider simple decor to make your laundry room a thoughtful and inviting experience for all that use the facilities.

Kitchen. There are many homes that have the laundry room right off to the side. It also functions as an entryway into the garage. For many homes, this is a very convenient location. It is at the heart of the home, near the kitchen. For most families, this is where the fellowship and heavy work flow takes place.

Near bedroom/Hallway. For many, closer to the bedrooms is the best place to add a laundry room. This is particularly true because many families can simply bring their dirty clothes to the washer machines instead of relying on a hamper. It is easier for folding and putting away when done washing clothes.

Basement. If you’re the type of family that lets things pile up, the basement is probably the best place for your laundry room. It keeps the clutter of clean laundry piles away from the living area of the home. It can also act as multi-purpose space if the basement is larger than needed for a laundry room.