Tips for Large Bathroom Layouts

MTI bathroom pruducts

You buy a new home and you have a large bathroom that needs to be updated or maybe it is time for you to remodel your existing bathroom and it is a large room. So how do you use the space to get the most from your room and budget? You might want to consider separating the tub and shower, including a beautiful double sink, or even put in a bidet.

Typically you will layout the bathroom with the vanity and toilet on one side of the room and the shower and tub on the other. This leaves a nice long space in the middle of the room to move around. If you have a square room think about putting the shower along the back wall, this will allow you to add a bigger shower with a shower system to get the spa experience.

With a bigger bathroom, you also have room to create a little alcove for the toilet to give you more privacy or even create a small room just for the toilet. One of the biggest trends now is bidets. Duravit offers an option to have a wall mount bidet and Toto offers you a more classic bidet. If you have the extra space a bidet might be a luxury item to include in your space.

By separating the tub and shower this now allows you to upgrade your tub to a beautiful Herbeau copper or cast iron clawfoot tub, a Hydro System soaking tub, or even a Zuma air whirlpool tub. These types of tubs are perfect for cold nights to get you warm after being outside, to soak away your aches and pains, or just because! All of these tubs will give you the spa look and feel, this feature alone will make you fall in love with the room.

Let’s look at the vanity. No more do you have to settle for Formica counters and a plain Jane sink and mirror. You can now find vanities with granite and marble tops and put in beautiful mirrors of all shapes and sizes. The sinks can now be either traditional under the counter or you can let your personality shine with an MTI basin, a Stone Forrest vessel, or Rohl bowls. Be creative with the faucets by choosing a non-traditional faucet and use a traditional mount to the sink or get creative and mount it to the wall above the sink. This will give you a fun creative effect that is also a nice focal point in the room.

Rohn bathroom vessel

Let’s not leave the flooring out, You have spent time and energy picking all the right features of this room including the wall color, art and cabinets so let’s put some finishing touches by choosing the right flooring. If you live in a colder climate think about inserting radiant flooring, you will definitely appreciate this on a cold day when you walk into the room barefoot or get out of the shower and no longer have to step on a cold floor.

If you are going for pure decadence you will want to look at marble but if your budget doesn’t allow marble then consider a porcelain tile for the floor. Match the color to your vanity and add a touch of your personality but putting a beautiful mosaic tile as a focal point. If you prefer a hardwood floor but think you can’t get wood in the bathroom, well think again! Happy Floors has a porcelain tile that looks like hardwood.

If you have space you can create the dream bathroom. With a little research, price matching, and creativity you will create a breathtaking bathroom that you, your family, and friends will love.