Mr. Steam Brings Well-Being to Your Home

Mr Steam products

Because of Mr. Steam’s 100 plus years of experience in steam manufacturing, they know a lot about making the highest superiority steam shower products. Mr. Steam does not just make products, this company feels it is their duty to share with people around the world the benefits of steam to live a healthy, happy, and feel-good life. That’s why their motto is, “we feel good when you feel good.”

Steam is one of nature’s oldest therapy. It is a key to living well. Mr. Steam’s groundbreaking steam therapies have been shown to improve physical and mental well-being.

How does Steam Help Your Body?

  • Helps sustain vascular function
  • Supports cardiovascular and lung health
  • Relaxes stiff muscles and promotes flexibility
  • Supports the removal of toxins from the body
  • Relieves temporary joint pain
  • Opens nasal passages to promote better breathing
  • Can help relieve respiratory symptoms
  • Promotes sinus drainage
  • Cleanses and hydrates skin and open pores
  • Helps increase blood circulation
  • Supports lactic acid breakdown in muscles
  • Can help boost metabolism

You can make your bathroom into a spa with many of Mr. Steam’s accessories.


Change your life with lights! Mr. Steams Chromatherapy systems allow you to transform the environment of your steam shower with a stream of pleasing lights to match your mood and preferences.


Bring steam and botanical together for a powerful sensory experience The use of herbs has had a long history in the medicinal field around the world. The right aroma can reduce anxiety, decrease depression, boost your energy level, reduce insomnia, and so much more. Another great factor is it smells wonderful! Try Mr. Steams AromaSteam System. It is an effective way to immerse their fragrances into your steam!

Mr Steams towel warmers

Mr. Steam has music speakers, and towel warmers also to make your steam shower a memorable one. Talk with one of Plumbtile’s professional sales members to discover how Mr. Steam can improve your health and well-being!