Sell or Remodel Your Home?

With the housing market up, it was nothing to upgrade your home as your family gets bigger or your salary increases. But when the housing market is not good, people started to stay in their homes but look for ways to make it work. This usually means remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms or adding additional rooms. So, which option is truly good for you and your family?

The first thing you need to do is look at your current budget, interest rate, and size of your home. You might not need to move just make the space you have more functional. Over the years we all tend to gather material belongings. It would be a good idea to start going through your belongings and see what needs to go.

Now after all that if the house still is not big enough to look at the bones of it can you do a full remodel and still get what you need and want? If not, then sell. But you first need to do a few things to make it marketable. Set a budget and then see what you can improve with that money. Paint and new flooring is always a good investment; the hot new trend is tile and wood floors. With so many options to choose from it will really increase the value of your home.

Brizo bathroom

New stainless-steel appliances and lighting upgrades in the kitchen are a sure bet to net you a good offer. But let’s not forget about the little things that can make a difference; new cabinet hardware can give them a whole new look. Invest in new countertops and faucets to tie in the counters and flooring. If you have any room in the budget a bathroom makes over is also a good way to get a nice return on your investment. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Your tub and vanity are easy to replace. You can also replace the faucets, add a shower system, new cabinet hardware and fresh paint can dramatically change the room’s look making it more appealing.

Don’t leave the outside out of the remodel. If a potential buyer would love to see a well-manicured yard. Something as small as an updated front door can make a desirable impression. Take some time to trim everything up, lay down fresh sod or reseed, and water the lawn to green it up. Kast but not least, spend a few bucks and get new front door hardware and new paint.

Porcelanosa outdoor tile

Curb appeal is a large aspect to consider in remodeling, whether you intend to move or not. Updating or improving the siding on a home is a common path that will please you, your neighbors, and your potential buyers. Installing handsome, weatherproofed siding is a safe bet. Also adding a stone tile walkway to your front door will bring some style to your home.

It is the little touches that get the offers so spend your money wisely. Good luck! Contact us at and we can help assist you with upgrading your home today!