The Benefits of Lili Cement Tiles

Lili Cement Tiles

Cement Tiles

Using cement tiles for floors and walls has become very stylish and trendy in homes and businesses.  There are so many benefits to using cement tiles for the bathroom. Cement tiles are extremely durable and can hold up to water on the floors and walls, those steamy showers, and prevent any mold damage.

The durability is linked to the unique manufacturing process which involves two thousand pounds of pressure that will hold up against chips and cracks.  Cement tiles are so durable they can hold up against daily wear and tear, fading, and water damage. You can keep these for years to come.

Lili Cement Tiles

Another great quality is that these tiles look beautiful, and sleek but are not slippery. You won’t have to worry about these tiles getting wet and any type of hazardous falls. Some tiles that are glazed and finished can create a slippery surface. There is no need to worry about that with cement tiles.

Cement tiles are very easy to clean and care for. Unlike wood tiles that warp or glazed tiles that will need upkeep, cement tiles need little maintenance once they are sealed. You will want to make sure to take care of them by cleaning up spills right away and using clean water and a natural cleaning solution to wipe away marks. Cement tiles are also eco-friendly. They are made with sustainable materials by hand, and cement tiles require very little energy to produce.

Lili Cement Tiles

There are so many beautiful tiles to choose from at Plumbtile. Plumbtile carries a variety of cement tiles, with a range of tile collections. Lili Cement Tiles are unique. Each tile line is custom-made and inspired by vintage 18th-century Catalonia. They are hand-crafted ensuring the quality is like nothing else on the market.

You can find all of these cement tiles and much more by visiting Plumbtile. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive collection of Lili Cement Tiles products on the web.