“Scent”sational Smelling Bathroom

At the end of the day, where do you go to unwind? A spa-like bathroom can be the remedy for a stressful day. Your bathroom is beautiful, so it should smell beautiful too! Mold, mildew and waste can make this a daily challenge. With use and over time, these smells seem to grow stronger.

Majority of unpleasant bathroom scents grow stronger with time. So it’s important to take care of them as soon as you recognize it. Never fear, there are solutions to create a great smelling bathroom. Eliminate odors and freshen up with these bathroom tips.

Clean It Up

Bathrooms tend to have a lot going on that can easily cause a mess. If you don’t have one already, create a cleaning routine for the bathroom. Clean the shower, bathtub, sink, toilet and floors thoroughly. Using a daily shower spray can help. Fabrics in the bathroom like towels and shower curtains tend to hold the moisture and can create a musty smell. Be sure to wash these regularly to keep the bathroom smelling fresh. Once a year, it’s a good idea to get a professional cleaning. This is a great way to scrub all the corners and small areas you may not be able to clean on your own. The average cost to hire a maid service is $157, with most homeowners spending between $122 and $167.

Use Your Bathroom Fan

Mold and mildew can be the biggest culprit of unpleasant smells in the bathroom. This is due to the sitting moisture within the room from showers and baths. That’s why all bathrooms must have a bathroom fan. This helps the moisture escape the room and reduce the musty smell. It also helps protect your bathroom from water damage over time. While newer homes already have bathroom fans installed, you may find many older homes without. The good news is that you can get a bathroom fan installed for an average cost of $344.

Scented Candles

For instant relief from unpleasant bathroom smells, a scented candle can go a long way. If you have company coming over or just want to create a pleasant bathroom environment, a candle can give you the scent and look you desire. While there are many scents out there, some brands offer odor eliminating effects that can help take care of any bad smells in the moment and after the candle has been blown out. As always, practice appropriate fire safety techniques whenever you burn a candle. Never burn a candle near anything flammable, such as curtains or towels. Always blow out the candle before leaving your home and keep away from small children.

Essential Oils

If you’re not using essential oils in your home yet, you should be. Not only do essential oils aid in long-lasting odor elimination but often they have anti-microbial properties that are much needed in the bathroom. There are two ways you can use essential oils in the bathroom for the greatest impact.

  • Use a diffuser to clean the air and add an instant fresh scent. This is a great and safe alternative option to candles, with the scent lasting just as long.
  • Use essential oils in your DIY cleaning products for a natural solution with a great smell.

You can use both options or just one, but whatever you choose, be sure to add to your regular cleaning routine for the biggest impact. The best part is that essential oils are a natural alternative to other chemical air fresheners, so you’ll be doing the best for the bathroom and your health.

Air Purifiers

While you may not realize it, there are impurities in the air you can’t see that may be contributing to the smell. Pet dander, indoor smoking and other pollutants can create a lingering smell throughout the home, including the bathroom. Look for a model with e HEPA air filter to help with odor control. If you have a small bathroom, you may be questioning if you even have room for this. There are many compact models available, and a few plug-in models that would work great in a small bathroom.

To have the most impact on air quality throughout your home, you may want to consider installing a whole house air purifier. The average cost to install is $2,526 with most homeowners spending between $752 and $2,799.

Baking Soda

Sometimes, the solution to odor elimination can be found directly in your kitchen. Baking soda is a powerful natural cleaning ingredient that we often use alongside vinegar to scrub surfaces and eliminate stains. But, there’s another powerful benefit to baking soda. You may know already that it eliminates odors in the refrigerator, but it can also remove them from the bathroom. Simply stick a box in a corner where it will go unnoticed and it will begin to absorb odors. Be sure to change out the box at least once a month to maintain freshness.