4 Ways to Revolutionize Your Bathroom

toilets tooWhat is the one room in your house your guests are sure to see when they come over? You guessed it – your bathroom. Really wow your guests by giving your bathroom design  the makeover it needs and make remodeling your bathroom your next summer project. 

 To take your bathroom from good to great, a few simple upgrades can make all the difference.

 Fine-tune your Bathroom Faucet

Here at PlumbTile we offer a wide variety of bathroom faucet styles to choose from that will match any bathroom theme.

Cifial - Cifial Bath
Cifial – Cifial Bath

The style of the faucet in your bathroom really sets the tone for the space. Whether your bathroom is focused on a modern style, classic style, or somewhere in between, define the space by letting the faucet do the talking

Take on your Toilet

We all know that having a perfectly engineered toilet can really make for a great bathroom. Comfort and functionality are two aspects that you never want to sacrifice when upgrading to a new toilet. The brands we offer not only promise exceptional comfort and functionality, but also can help add a flare of style to the space.

Lacava – Porcelain Toliet

Shape-up the Shower & Tub

Bathing and showering aren’t just necessary for proper hygiene, it is the most relaxing part of your day. Why not wake up in the morning with a nice hot shower in your beautiful new shower, or relax just before bed with a soothing bubble bath in a truly spa like atmosphere. Get rid of that nasty shower or tub and replace it with one that is a perfect fit for your new bathroom.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Last but not least, the key to creating the perfect bathroom space is proper bathroom lighting. To really pull the whole theme of your new room together, set the proper mood with new lights.

Motiv – Quattro Double Downward Light

Revolutionize your bathroom to take your home to the next level. After all, the saying goes that the key to a great home is a great bathroom.