Make Your Apartment Kitchen Glamorous!

kitchen accessories

The new year has rolled out sparking new trends in redesigning apartment kitchens and the theme this year seems to showcase elegance mixed with functionality. Most kitchen remodeling projects stem from the desire for more room to navigate, the convenience of course to ensure that is aesthetically pleasing. If you are unsure where to begin, here are five top trends to get you started.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops have had a longstanding affiliation with luxurious and beckoning kitchens for many years. And even today it has earned its mainstay in the kitchen design industry as one of the leading stones for use in the kitchen. Its natural elements make it easy to be paired with other materials without color-clashing or looking outdated. An apartment kitchen with marble countertops will further be enhanced with the use of brass fixtures or pipe fittings. The beauty of the natural stone will also shine through when paired with white and black cabinets as well.

Open shelving

If you have a small kitchen, create the illusion of a large space with open shelving or glass-front cabinets. These days you no longer must keep your dishes tucked away behind closed cabinet doors. Whether they are plain, bold-colored, or patterned, they can add depth and a futuristic flair to your kitchen. You can take the contemporary feel of your kitchen to another level by choosing to paint the knobs of the cabinets in tasteful colors that will lift the room.

Native Trail Lazy Susan

Trendy Kitchen Accessories

You can make your apartment kitchen look trendy and have it functional as well! Try sharing your culinary creations with the ingenuity and versatility of a lazy Susan made by Native Trails. This lazy Susan is made with Hammered Copper. Another cool accessory for an apartment kitchen would be soap lotion dispensers. They are great space savers for those small kitchens.

Subway Tiles

You can never go wrong with subway tiles in your kitchen. Commonly used as a back-splash, the key to installing this type of ceramic tile is to pair it with dark grout. By using the dark group you will find that clean-up will be a breeze and the dark group will make your tile stand out.

scone lights

Sconce Lighting

Finally, sconce lighting can further accentuate your kitchen decor. Gone are the days when under-cabinet recessed lights were used. Sconce lights are tempered so they add warmth and character to your kitchen making for enjoyable times spend preparing meals for the family.

Stop by to make your apartment kitchen the talk of the town and make it yours!