Tiny Spaces Can Be Luxurious

Tiny Retirement home

Picture from: www.tinyhomebuilders.com

Luxury is the state of great comfort and living. However, this can mean so many things to different people. Is luxury confined to size, quality, or comfort? For some homeowners, space is not a luxury. And due to some homes already meeting the maximum coverage of their land, they can’t simply expand. Without the option to move, luxury can still be introduced to a small space with simple renovations.

What are things to avoid when trying to make a small space luxurious and what should be done instead?

Constant patterns. With small spaces, it is not a great idea to add patterns or too much color. It can cause a small room to look even smaller. The best thing to do to provide a more expanded look is to choose pale-colored walls. Another great reason for keeping the color simple and consistent throughout the home is because it gives you permission to be more creative with accents around the home. Throw pillows, vases, picture frames and so much more can be colorful, giving each room unique pop.

Try different flooring. Similar to patterns and too much color, adding different flooring should be avoided. While some homeowners want to provide the distinction between various living spaces, it can make one large multi-purpose room look even smaller and compartmentalized.

Lots of small decors. Smaller objects used in small spaces would not make the room feel bigger. In fact, it will provide a very cluttered, messy feel. It’s hard to believe, but one simple large mirror on a wall will allow more of a spacious ambiance to a room than an entire wall of small frames.

DXV sinkFloor-based furniture. When you have a small space, the more floor you see, the bigger the room feels. Avoid bulky floor-based furniture. Go with pieces that have longer legs so the floor is always visible. In the bathroom, an Equility 33-Inch Wall-Mount Vanity from DXV is inspired by the clean, defined lines of contemporary design but is also functional with its ample storage in two compartmentalized drawers.

Minimal lighting. With a small space, it’s enticing to avoid purchasing additional light. However, the smaller the space, the more light you should bring in. There are ways to avoid clutter. You can purchase sconces for your wall, or purchase a small lamp that can be placed on a side table. Also, make sure that any window treatment you have doesn’t obstruct the natural light that comes in.

Don’t avoid mirrors. Mirrors always provide the illusion of your room having much more space. Wherever possible, place mirrors in your design.

When it comes to bringing luxury into a tiny space, less is more. Part of luxury is not the feeling of the walls closing in on you. Unify the look of your room and add just the right number of touches to bring the entire room a taste of luxury.