Make the Most of Your Deck Decor On a Budget


Once the temperature starts to rise we all want to be outside and soaking up the sun! Your deck is an outdoor oasis so make sure it shows off all aspects of who you and your family are. Enclosing your deck allows you to use it all year long. Think about the flooring, colors, furniture and even putting in an outside kitchen. Your deck décor will a big factor in the how much time and enjoyment you get from your outdoor space.

Thankfully, you can spruce up your deck by decorating on a budget regardless of the size. Here are a few ideas to help you with your deck décor.

Fix those loose boards

Over time boards can weaken and pull away from your deck. You need to first replace or repair these boards. If you choose to enclose the deck you will need to add a subfloor to make sure it is level to lay down your new flooring. A few small repairs can really change the look and feel of your deck, and most repairs can be done under $100.

Color, Color, Color

A deck is usually off the kitchen but since there is a door between the rooms you can choose a completely different color scheme, OR can stay with the kitchen colors to make a nice flow from one room to the other. If your deck is not enclosed make sure you choose a good outside paint. So, invest on a paint that will last over time, this will save you when it comes time to repaint. When choosing the furniture your options are huge. Not all items have to be expensive just make sure it is good quality. You can look at garage sales, used furniture store’s and even flea markets for items you can refurbish. A little paint and elbow grease can go a long way to your budget!

With outside furniture, you must remember they are constantly in the elements. Wind, rain, and sun which will weather the finish. Cover your furniture when you are not using it, add extra coats of clear coat or sealant, and make sure you reseal it every couple of years. If you can bring in the furniture when winter hits that is great. If you don’t have the space just make sure they are completely covered so that the frost and snow doesn’t damage the legs.

Spruce it up with plants

A garden is a great way to beautify your deck, and easier to do than you think. If you have a small deck you can now purchase or build a wall garden space. This allows you to plant and hang your garden on the wall giving you a beautiful backdrop. If you have the space you can install flower boxes or decorative pots to raise a garden. Planting herbs is a great way to not only improve your cooking but also make your deck smell heavenly. You can also incorporate a water feature with your plants and create a true oasis.

Time to decorate

Lighting is a wonderful way to show off your personality. you are not limited to simple florescent hanging lights. You can now add ceiling fans with a beautiful light. Recessed lights create bright and ambient lights. Since you are thinking outside living space why not go solar? Solar lighting has made leaps and bound strides over the years no more dim barely there lights you can now get nice ambient lighting that lasts for hours. It is also a great way to save on your energy bill!

Area rugs are not just for your living room anymore. You can now get beautiful indoor outdoor area rugs. If you are enclosing the deck you might want to think about hardwood flooring, tile or even carpet squares. To add to the life of the area rug if outdoors, roll it up and put away before winter hits. This will help keep the backing on the rug from cracking and peeling away.

Decorating your deck should not break the bank. In most cases, you can do it for under $500 if you are thrifty. But if you find yourself still having problems, head over to PlumbTile, where our expert employees will be able to help you achieve the deck of your dreams from start to finish.