Plumbtile Products Can Help Businesses Re-Open During COVID-19

COVID-19 has been the top priority for this country for the last several months and it looks like it will continue to be a top propriety for the remainder of the year. It has made us re-think they way we run our businesses.

In the past we took for granted the shopping experience; walking into a store and shopping, eating in restaurants, going to the movies and even using the “facilities” when needed. We saw the signs on the back of the restroom doors showing the last time it was cleaned.

But COVID-19 changed all that.

With a few modifications to your business you can open your doors again. You can feel confident that your business will provide the best shopping experience for your customers. Here are just a few changes you can make that your customers will love and show that you are thinking of them first!

Handsfree faucets

Vola offers several options to choose from including deck mount and wall mount faucets. Their product line of handsfree faucets have temperature control and an electronic on-off sensor. This will also help eliminate water waste when you have a faucet left running.

Vola is a timeless brand offering an extremely extensive color selection from primary colors to stainless steel to the very popular and current matte black. The Vola products are always crafted from the highest quality of materials.

Hands-Free Automatic Soap/Lotion/Sanitizer Dispenser

Whitehaus dispensers have sensor technology that is easy to operate, minimizes the risk of germs and works well in any commercial area. With this dispenser you can offer a handsfree experience at the sink with your liquid soap products but also at the door with the added protection of hand sanitizer. This product can also be installed through out your location to dispense hand sanitizer, giving your customers an added layer of protection while shopping.

Whitehaus offers high quality decorative plumbing fixtures with innovative designs in a variety of decorative styles and finishes.

Wall Mount Hands-free Hand Dryer

More and more businesses have started to move away from using paper towels in their restrooms and kitchen areas. This saves on the added expense of purchasing the paper products, clean up issues and the need for someone to continuously stock the paper towel dispenser.

Whitehaus Collections of vertical “hands in” hand dryers are the perfect solution! These dryers are an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels. This surface-mounted unit has sensors to detect the hands in place and when they are removed automatically turning off. This unit is equipped with a drainage tray to capture any excess moisture leaving the walls and floors free of water.

Door Knobs

We have a large variety of doors knobs here at Plumbtile. Door knobs with copper helps kill germs; making it senseable that copper-based doorknobs would pass along fewer germs than knobs made of glass, plastic, steel, or other materials.

Auto Flush Toilet

Auto flush toilets are a modern improvement we have seen over the years that has been much needed in the commercial and corporate settings. TOTO is a power house with their collection of auto flush toilets and washlets. They offer the traditional toilet with the auto flush feature, as well as, a more modern version in a wall mount option.

TOTO is the world’s largest plumbing products manufacturer with nearly a century of experience. TOTO embraced water and energy conservation years before government mandates. Through constantly evolving manufacturing practices and advanced technology, TOTO consistently leads the way in plumbing fixture efficiency and sustainability.

Contact us today so we can help you keep your staff and customers safe during the our country’s re-opening of our business’s.