Small Living Spaces: 6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Space

small-house-for-sale-in-palo-alto-2Living small is becoming more and more popular, and it no secret why. Lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint may drive many to reduce the size of their homes, but there is also the quickly-shrinking space available, lower average incomes, and rising costs of home ownership to consider. Not to mention, living in smaller spaces requires you to unload a lot of that old junk in your garage and provides a simpler, quiet life. That is, if it is done correctly.

When many people think about small living spaces, they get claustrophobic. Thoughts like “there’s no way I can have guest over here” and “there’s no space for ANY of my things in here” will turn people away from what could be a great opportunity. To help you see a different side of living small, here are just six ways that you can use small living spaces effectively.

Open Up With A Remodel

corner-bench-seat-rev-101742348-heroAny space will look smaller with ill-placed walls and obvious signs of wear, but a small living space will look positively unlivable with these things. More than ever, smaller living spaces are showing us just how powerful a simple remodel can be. Knock out a few walls to create an open floor plan, get some updated and energy-efficient appliances, and add some new paint to the walls that are left and you will be amazed at the transformation even a tight budget can produce. Also take a look at different flooring options as well.

Get Some Light

The best way to open any space and make it more comfortable in to bring in lots of light. But, not just any light will do. The best light you want to incorporate is natural/sun light. Get bigger windows and invest in some skylights to brighten your home and make it much more people-friendly. Bonus: studies have shown that natural light has a huge impact on your mood – making you happier and giving you more energy!

Use Clever Storage

Let’s face it: people have a lot of stuff. Even the most hardcore minimalist will probably have enough stuff to over-fill a tiny living area. Instead of piling it all around you and living as a hermit, you can easily incorporate clever storage into your home. Hideaway beds, shelves built into the walls, overheard hanging racks, and even stairs that pull out into drawers will provide plenty of storage space without using up precious floor space.

Add Some Personality

double-sink-kohlerPersonal touches are what transform any house into a home, but this is particularly true with smaller spaces. Adding some of your personality to a small home will make it a more cozy and comfortable retreat for you. In a smaller space, little things like fun and unique tiles in a kitchen backsplash, or interesting accents walls in one room will start tying everything together in exactly the way you want.

Extend Your Space Outdoors

Sometimes, the biggest perk to living in a small is having more land outside. Even if your home isn’t on any land, you can extend your space with a small patio, zen garden, outdoor storage areas, or even outdoor office. Some innovative home owners have even turned one wall of their home into a sliding glass door that can be opened on beautiful days to really extend their space. Consider ways you can extend your area to include the outdoors and you can all but eliminate any fear of living small.

Indulge in a Few Luxuries

cosmo-shower-headFinally, living in a smaller space does not mean that you have to completely do without. In fact, small living spaces will require a few “special” luxuries to make them perfect. Try investing in a top-of-the-line shower head for a mini spa right in your bathroom, or a modern faucet to make cleanup in the kitchen a breeze. Tiny luxuries built into your will turn the space into something that everyone will love and envy.

Do you have experience with transforming small living spaces? Please leave your tips and tricks in the comments section below!

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