Don’t Get Winter Blues! Dress Up Your Home!

Just because fall is here and winter is right around the corner doesn’t mean you cant change up your house. You may not be able to work on the outside but the inside does not have to suffer the weather. One easy task to change up a kitchen would be to update the backsplash. You can do something elegant like our Cosa Marble Onyx Collection or something simple like our Cosa Marble Glass Thassos. Just a simple update will change an entire look.

Is your bathroom boring you this winter season? You can do little updates to your bathroom just to refresh it and lift your spirits a bit. I know when we are stuck in the house with nothing to do, we can get the winter blues. Just adding some molding or wainscoting to your bathroom design can make big changes. Even adding a little architectural change like an Gatco – Channel Framed, Large Oval Mirror can change things up a bit.

There are so many little updates you can do. Another one of my favorite updates is changing out the light fixtures. New kitchen lighting or a new fixture over the dining table is a must have for any holiday party or meal. Hudson Valley Lighting – Bari – Chandelier will be the centerpiece of your dining room. You will surely be the talk of this holiday family gathering.

Another budget friendly idea for this winter is changing out the faucets. There’s nothing like anew beautiful clean faucet. A new faucet in the kitchen or bathroom can definitely add that extra pizazz you’re looking for. One of the great things about the newer kitchen faucets is that they have a lot more functionality, so the upgrade can be more than just aesthetic. Changing a faucet can be a fairly simple task and is a great DIY plumbing project to try. But first you will want to just make sure you shut off the water valves and then follow the directions carefully. If you have any questions you can contact one of our specialists at Plumbtile or call 1-866-758-6284.