Light Up Your Holiday Dining

The holidays are approaching pretty quickly! I bet your house is the house to be for holiday dinners. What if your dining room is in need of a makeover or maybe your family has gotten bigger and there just isn’t enough room anymore. We always love a growing family especially around the holidays.

If you have the budget for remodeling you can knock out some walls and increase your dining room size to make a more open concept between the kitchen and dining room. But for most it is unrealistic to know down walls and completely redo a dining room.

There are so many simple easy ideas that you can do to create the perfect space for your holiday gathering. One thing you can do is re-freshen and update your dining room with paint. Changing the paint is something simple that can create an entire new feel. You can do a two-tone room to create a bigger feel by painting the apron and base a solid color, and re-stain the top in a rich stain color. You can add some wainscoting on the walls to create an elegant feel.

Another small update you can do is add a nice chandelier. This can change up any dining room with beauty and elegance. You can add two Hudson Valley Lighting – Glendale – Chandeliers to change up your dining room. The chandelier embodied this spirit of modernity and became an icon of mid-century style. Our Glendale pendant revives the innovative spirit of Sputnik by suspending the signature starburst within a crisp, black, textured iron cube to create a play of stunning effects. Or adding a Hudson Valley Lighting – Bolton – Chandelier can simply turn your dining room into your show piece. Bolton’s stunning art pieces showcase our strength as a designer of exceptional decorative lighting fixtures.

Adding some decorative curtains or wall art can completely change the feel of a room. So many simple things to do to make your holiday the most amazing one for you and your family. If you have any questions please call one of our specialists or visit Plumbtile.