Create an At-Home Bar for All to Enjoy

Do enjoy a cocktail in the evening after a long days’ work? Or maybe you simply like to entertain at home? It sounds like an at-home bar is in order. It does not require a lot of space to achieve the perfect libation station. Consider these factors when incorporating a bar into your home design.

Choose a Location

So, where will the bar be located? A basement, informal living room, dining room, or kitchen are the most obvious places for a bar. After you decide where the bar will go, you should decide on how much space of the room you are willing or can dedicate to your bar. This will be the guide for its design. The more available space you have to work with will allow for a sink, storage, and lighting.

Storage Space

Depending on how elaborate your bar design is will determine how much storage space you will need. An old hutch or credenza are excellent options when there is a need for more storage. You can house cutting boards, drinking glasses by Grohe, stemware, and other gadgets. This space can also be used to incorporate a bar sink.

Adding an island can be utilized as a multi-functional piece. The island not only adds additional storage but provides seating too. Include comfortable bar stools that will invite guests to hop up and stay a while.


The Lighting Design

It is nice to have lighting that sets the mood for a relaxed vibe. Ambient lighting sets the mood for your bar. You can blend floor lamps, pendant lighting, and under-counter or under-cabinet lighting. Of course, there is always the fan-favorite of hanging neon signs. A lighting system that allows you to control the brightness, is also something you might want to consider. This will allow you to control and set the idyllic ambiance at your fingertips.




Bar Sink and Faucet

A bar sink and faucet are a must-have for any at-home bar. You do not have to stick to specific fixtures when selecting bar sinks and faucets like you customarily would when designing your kitchen. You can play around with unusual shapes, sizes, or finishes. Make a statement with your bar sink. Try adding a copper or brushed nickel sink to shake things up a bit. Native Trails carry these finishes, among others, as well as different shapes and sizes.

The faucet will not be used for heavy-duty washing, so choose a faucet that you love and cannot live without. The finish of your faucet does not have to be the same as your sink. Allow your personality to shine.

Your bar can be as basic or extravagant as you have space and money for. Look online to get inspiration for your bar or contact our pros at When your bar is ready to use, sit back, relax, and cheers to a superb job.