Bathroom Design Faux Pas

Remodeling your bathroom is not something we do often or have even done once. Every remodel poses potential headaches and mishaps, but proper planning can help homeowners avoid making mistakes and minimize stress. Here is some common faux pas to steer clear of as you prepare for your bathroom renovation.

Proper Planning

Be sure that before demolition, you have a detailed replacement plan. Outline your desired goals for the remodel and have a particular plan to achieve these goals. Even the smallest detail should be considered because this can influence the overall design style. Be sure all materials are available to avoid any delays in the completion of your remodel. Keep in mind the layout of your space as well. You do not want to purchase a vanity or bathtub that your entire design is centered around, only to realize during the time of installation that the piece is too large for your space.

The Importance of Storage

You want to ensure your space is both stylish and functional. If there are no proper storage solutions within the bathroom space, the shower included, it can become cluttered rather quickly.

There are many options available to add storage throughout the entire bathroom. Though many designers are opposed to the addition of a medicine cabinet, they offer storage for small everyday items and can be utilized as an additional light source. More affordable storage options include a shower caddy, freestanding drawer bank, or even a towel bar or rack will tidy the space up a bit.


Do not forget to plan for ventilation. Humid environments are dependent on proper ventilation systems. This is extremely important to avoid mold and moisture problems down the road. You should plan HVAC systems and electrical installs around proper air circulation.

Let There be Light

Who wants to take care of their daily hygiene needs in a dark bathroom? No one, right? Not all bathroom designs allow for natural light. As a result, you want to ensure that you invest light fixtures, not just around the vanity, but your shower as well.


Next time you remodel your bathroom be sure to visit or give our experts a call!