Best Jaclo Shower Fixtures

Grohe ShowerheadYou spend a lot of time in your bathroom. You get ready for the day there. You might pop in to quickly check your hair. You unwind there at the end of a long, stressful day with a warm bath or shower. It’s only right that the fixtures in your bathroom are of the highest quality and that they reflect you. Jaclo offers a wide selection of shower fixtures that can make your bathroom a space that you enjoy escaping to when you need it.

Rain Canopies

One of the most interesting fixtures for your shower offered by Jaclo is their rain canopy. Jaclo showerheads spray water over a wider space than your traditional showerhead, covering your whole body in a cascade of water. They are available in a couple of different size circles or squares. And, with some of the rain canopies, when the water is turned on, a low voltage LED light also turns on. You get your choice of color: white, green, amber, blue or red.

Hand Showers

Jaclo was one of the first companies to offer hand showers in the United States. Their selection of hand showers is quite large. There are several styles available, giving you a chance to find something that suits your taste. There are a number of spray options on most of the hand showers. Some of these include full spray, nebulizing mist and massage. There are also several finishes for each hand shower, though not every hand shower is available in every finish.


Jaclo has a wide selection of bathroom faucets. These are mainly three piece sets that are available in different styles. You can even customize which handles you want to go with your choice. Like the hand showers, there are multiple finishes, and not every finish is available for each faucet.

Your bathroom should be a place of function, comfort and style. Jaclo can give you high quality shower fixtures to make it just that.