Decorate Your Bathroom with Dezi Home

If you are looking for products that are unique and a company that thinks outside the box then the Dezi Home brand is for you. They have a different take on accessories and look at it from a fresh perspective. Dezi Home likes to create something extraordinary out of a normal towel holder or soap holder. They take it to the next level. There is nothing ordinary about their collections. 

Dezi Home makes sure that not only are their products gorgeous, modern, cutting edge but also makes sure it’s functional. For instance, they have worked on creating a soap holder that has better functionality than most. We have struggled cleaning out soap holders in our showers, am I right? We Dezi Home has really thought about what can be done to eliminate that by creating a soap holder that is detachable. You can remove it, clean it and then put it back. Wow, isn’t that amazing? Something that may seem so insignificant has opened up a new world to most! This is just one of the creative and innovative ideas that Dezi Home has come up with.

According to Dezi Home, “Our products are common sense elements, fused with cutting-edge design, high manufacturing standards, and unrivaled quality and finish. We really care about these things and we hope you do, too.” They really care about creating the best products for their customers.

Plumbtile carries seven of the Dezi Home Collection Series. Their Alchemi towel bar is a simple yet elegant oval towel bar that also works as shelving. Designed so that horizontally it holds a soap dispenser, toothbrushes, jewelry.  And if used vertically it becomes a rack for rolled guest towels. Each series provides its own unique take one design and functionality.

You can visit Plumbtile to find all of your unique Dezi Home series. If you have any questions, one of our specialists is waiting to assist you.