Lighting for Your Small Bathroom

When your home features one or more small bathroom designs you really have to be creative when it comes to bathroom lighting. When you do not have that much space to work with, each bathroom fixture’s importance cannot be stressed enough. Too much lighting can be overpowering in limited space and too little can make it feel as though the walls are closing in on you. So taking the time to select just the perfect small bathroom lighting is critical.

Small Bathroom Lighting 101

Have you ever tried to apply make-up or partake in any other general grooming efforts in a small bathroom with poor lighting? If so, then you know the importance of adequate lighting in a limited amount of space.

A small bathroom that is properly lit will embrace the beauty of the space, complete with style and functionality. The bathroom lighting that you select for your small bathroom space should complement the natural light in the room, your color scheme, and the room’s purpose. For instance, is it simply a small powder room just to be used by guests on occasion? Or is this your primary bathroom space used for everything from primping to removing a splinter?

If you are looking to make space appear larger you should select a bright light. For small bathrooms that are rarely used and are intended to produce a more comforting feel, dimmer lighting is the better choice. If lighting that proves uber functional that you are searching for, consider lighting behind and around your vanity mirror – this will reduce shadows and highlight delicate facial features.

The key to properly lighting your small bathroom space is to keep in mind the purpose of the room and how often it is used. This should help you to select the best lighting to portray the ambiance you desire.