Your Essential Guide to Pool Care

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The warner weather is coming which means pool season is right around the corner! Great family times around the pool side, floaties and fun in the sun! In this blog we will be talking about how to keep your family pool clean and healthy with easy and proper care that should be part of your routine.  We also be talking about how to build and update your pool!

Keeping your pool clean and clear to make sure your water is circulating properly is very important. The maintenance on your pool starts with pool circulation and filtering. If your pool water isn’t moving around by your pump, or if your filter isn’t filtering, you will be fighting against algae growth because of the stagnant water. You should be running your pool pump at least 8-12 hours per day. The more you run your pump and filter, the cleaner your pool water will be.

A way to help keep your pool water clean is to always clean your skimmer basket frequency: 1-2 times per week. A basket that is clogged with debris will make your pump work harder and can decrease the life of the pump.

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Another easy way to keep your pool clean is skimming the debris off the top of the water and vacuuming the pool. Manual maintenance is a normal part of pool ownership unless you own a robotic pool cleaner which will do it for you.

Every pool owner also needs to test their pool water and add the appropriate pool chemicals as needed. For the greatest results, test your water weekly. Pool supply stores sell easy-to-use test kits that allows you to test your swimming pool water for the key chemicals.

In addition to keeping your pool chemistry balanced, it’s also a good idea to shock your pool once every week or two. “Shocking” means you overload your water with sanitizer to kill off any bacteria, contaminants, and organic matter.

If you follow these basic steps, you will be on your way to maintaining a clear pool and avoid algae growth. It is important to get into a routine and take action immediately if you notice discoloration, cloudy water, or other signs of trouble. If you don’t have the time, you can always hire a pool service professional who can take care of your pool for you.

We hope this guide helps makes your pool season a great one!