Let’s Get Your Pool Going for The Season!

Fujiwa pool tiles

In the next two blogs, we are going to help you get your pool up and running for the upcoming pool season! Whether you are repairing an existing pool or installing a new pool, Plumbtile can offer you an extensive selection of glass, porcelain, stone mosaics and ceramic tiles for your pool as well as tips to keep your pool running clear.

First, let’s talk about what tiles you can use during a complete pool build or a pool renovation. Plumbtile can supply you with the best selection of tiles for your pool plans. Our selection of tiles offers you many color choices along with different textures and styles. Additionally, our options will meet all your pool requirements for waterlines, backsplashes and pool floor applications.

There are different types of tiles you can use for your pool and outdoor projects.

Fujiwa Pool tiles


Our pool tiles include beautifully made tiles from a variety of manufacturers such as:

Fujiwa: These tiles are porcelain glazed, weather-resistant, frost proof, acid-proof, and stain-resistant. Each series of Fujiwa Collection is created for superior quality, distinction, and appealing all-purpose styles.

American Universal: American Universal is the largest importer of Japanese tile in the country, offering thousands of options of tile with a large selection of sizes, glazes and designs. These tiles are available in a large selection of colors and sizes including genuine gold glazed tiles and glass mosaic.

Trend Pool Tiles

Trend Tile: Trend is an international manufacturer and distributor of mosaic tile collections produced in recycled glass. It also produces engineered agglomerates containing recycled fragmented glass, quartz and granite.

Bisazza: Italian manufacturer Bisazza is an award-winning top luxury designer as well as the industry’s leading producer of glass mosaic for exterior applications.

These tiles can be included in any of your outdoor water projects such as your waterfall, ornamental pool, splash pool, grottos and water runnel. All of these are made possible with high quality pool tiles that Plumbtile can offer you.

Create a stunning pool with tile from Plumbtile. Contact us today and order tile for your pool today!